I promise, I am still doing my workouts!

I know I have not posted in a while but I have not really had anything to exciting to talk about. So I decided that I would get on and update everyone on my Turbo Fire progress.

Today, I start on my last 4 weeks of the program... so that means, I have made it 16 WEEKS! Since I have last posted, I do have a good friend, Ally, doing the workouts  with me 3-4 days of the week. So I only have to motivate myself 2-3 days a week! Also, I have purchased the Advanced DVD set. The Advanced set is 5 new workouts which really kick your butt.

The new workouts are:
Fire 60- This is the longest of the fire cardio classes. It contains 4 one minute fire drills and some more advanced moves. I must say though it was not as hard as I expected it to be after just watching the DVD.

HIIT 30- This high intensity interval training DVD has 10 1.25 minute cardio drills each with a one minute break in between. I thought this one was harder than the Fire 60 class because of all of the jumping and plyometric moves.

Upper 20- This strength training class focuses just on the upper part of your body and continues to challenge you with the resistance bands. It is hard esp for those like me who do not have an incredibly strong upper body.

Lower 20- All I can say is WOW! Also, as strength training class but focuses on the lower body by using a lower body resistance band (a band that has no handles that the ends are tied together to use around your ankles). I was sore after this class for a week!

Abs 10- I know it is only 10 minutes but it is a hard 10 minutes. No resistance bands are used in this class but you finish knowing and feeling where each of your ab muscles are.

All of these advanced classes push you farther than you thought you could go. Also, I am convinced that you get the ripped body in the last 2 months with the addition of these workouts.

Update: Since I have started I have lost 15 lbs. I would tell you how many inches but I lost my original inch measurements :( I promise I will keep you updated as I finish my last month... which happens to be a HIIT month!



It been a while.

I know it has been a while but I have not really had anything exciting going on:( However, my favorite season on the year is starting.... FOOTBALL SEASON! I am so excited to cheer on my Auburn Tigers this season. So excited that I started singing cheers and the fight song in the shower 3 weeks ago. In anticipation for the season opener tomorrow, I wanted to share some pictures of my favorite place on earth... Auburn, Al.

Tailgating with my 4 roomies and all of our boys.

Kristen, Jess and I at the AU vs South Carolina game last year.

Me and my favorite man, Aubie!

The team running on the field.

 Pre-game show. The band making the interlocking AU.

 A sea of orange! Looking at the student section.

WAR EAGLE! The eagle flying around the stadium before the game.

 Toomer's Corner after the SEC Championship 2010.

Toomer's Corner after the BCS National Championship 2011.

We will always be a house divided!

So happy 2011 football season! I say WAR EAGLE and Aaron says Go Cocks!



Turbo Fire Week 9

I have made it completely through the cardio month. I never thought it would be over! I am so happy that I stuck with it. Now I start a HIIT month again so there are fewer long cardio classes and days with 2 classes a day. I am so excited to get back to the drills of the HIIT classes! Here is my schedule for this week:

Monday- HIIT 15 + Sculpt 30
Tuesday- Fire 45 + Stretch 10
Wednesday- Rest
Thursday- HIIT 15 + Tone 30
Friday- Fire 55 EZ
Saturday- HIIT 20 + Sculpt 30
Sunday- Fire 30 + Stretch 10

Wish me luck on changing everything up again!


Turbo Fire Week 8

I finally made it through the 3 weeks of cardio. I did not write every week because all I had to say was... "IT WAS HARD!" This week is a much needed recovery week and then I start the HIIT 2 month. I will not think about that right now and just thank the Lord that I have a recovery week.

Recovery Week Schedule
Monday- Fire 45 EZ + Stretch 10
Tuesday- Fire 45 EZ + Stretch 10
Wednesday- Rest
Thursday- Core 20 + Stretch 40
Friday- Fire 30 + Stretch 10
Saturday- Fire 45 EZ + Stretch 10
Sunday- Core 20 + Stretch 40

I must say though... even though it is hard some days, it is so much fun esp when you start the warm up. I really am enjoying it and recommend it to any one who wants to start.

- Caroline


Turbo Fire Week 5 Complete!

Man this cardio month is going to KILL me! This week was so hard. I cannot figure out how best to do the Fire 30 class with the Sculpt and Tone classes. On Tuesday, I did the sculpt then then fire and on Thursday, I did the fire then the tone. Either way, whichever class was second did not get close to my full effort. I was so tried by the time the second class came because I went all out in the first class. Well good thing I have 2 more weeks to work on it. Also, it was hard for me to do some many long work outs- 55 mins x2, 30+3 x2, and a 45 min all in one week. My brain just does not stay interested that long. But I am pushing through and will hopefully report that I did better next week.

I hope y'all are finding ways to exercise and feel better! I am!


Turbo Fire Weeks 5-7/ Review

So I have finished the first month of Turbo Fire. It was known as the HIIT month because There was and emphasis on the HIIT classes each week. I did do my measurements yesterday and I have up 2 inches total but down in the places you want to be down in (hips and waist). I have built us some muscle in the last month and love it.

A month perspective: The last month was hard but well worth it. I never thought I would work out 6 days a week and enjoy it or even look forward to it. I am excited to start the next month (Cardio month) today and think this month will be the worst. Everyday is a long class day (time wise) and I just hate trying to pay attention that long :) Since this is the cardio month, weeks 5-7 are the same so I am going to just put the schedule up once and continue with reviews.

Weeks 5-7 Schedule
Monday: Fire 55 EZ
Tuesday: Fire 30 and Sculpt 30
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Fire 30 and Tone 30
Friday: Fire 55 EZ
Saturday: Fire 45
Sunday Core 20 and Stretch 40

I really hope I can make it through 3 weeks of this! Wish me luck!

Forth of July Weekend... Finally!

Sorry I have been so slow lately. I have been busy and intend to fill you in with a blog post soon! So for the forth, we went to Wilmington, NC to see Aaron's family and visit with one of his friends that was in our wedding.

Our first stop was Aaron's Papa's house on Carolina beach. We got there on Saturday and stayed the night. We had lunch with Papa and Della (Papa' fiancee), visited Aaron's uncle Jerry, aunt Nancy and cousin Jordan, and had dinner with everyone. That night Aaron, Jordon, Nancy and I went to get some of the BEST doughnuts in the world from Brit's and to walk around the downtown area where they have a small carnival all summer long!

 The Carnival in downtown Carolina Beach

The Carnival in downtown Carolina Beach

We also went four wheeling on the beach at North End that morning. It was not on ATVs but in vehicles that have 4 wheel drive so you do not get stuck in the sand. People can drive, camp, and cookout on this beach. And being 4th of July weekend, it was PACKED.

 Carolina Beach Pier where people fish all day!

 Aaron with the pelican

Close up of the people camping on the beach. Look carefully for the tent cities they have built.

Perspective on how many people were there.

The next morning Aaron and I walked to the pier and took pictures. Then we went into Wilmington and saw everyone on his dad's side of the family and ate lunch and then visited some family friends. For dinner, we tried Red Robin for the first time! All I have to say is all you can eat SWEET POTATO FRIES! Love them! Then we picked up his friend Brian from the airport and drove an hour to his parent's house at Ocean Isle, NC. We stayed there Sunday and Monday night. Their house is right on the beach and it was great to watch fireworks, cookout and spend time with friends.

The Peterson house on Ocean Isle is right behind the big gray one with the double porches.

 Spent the 4th here.

Winning Bochi Ball!

On the way back home on Tuesday we stopped at Bass Pro Shop in Myrtle Beach (of course) and then ate lunch at Margaritaville.
 Margaritaville in Myrtle Beach

Margaritaville in Myrtle Beach

We had a great trip!